When it comes to having a social media account, how young is too young?

Most websites and apps state that a child needs to be 13 to sign up , and there’s no shortage of parents who wish to protect their kids from the downsides of social media.

The bullying, the unhealthy comparisons, the general impact on a child’s mental health are all strong arguments for limiting a kid’s exposure.

But Calihan Gee is a baby for the age of social media, and he was only born yesterday.

Not that that’s stopped him from racking up over 100k followers on Instagram .

The Gee family are Instafamous.

To much fanfare, they revealed the gender and name of their unborn child to their one million Instagram followers, and then promptly set up an Instagram account for him too, at 37 weeks gestation.

Obviously being in utero, Calihan Gee has not posted anything yet.

He’s simply a grainy profile picture, taken at an ultrasound scan .

Nevertheless, he soon amassed a following of 70,000 followers in just 48 hours.

Fast-forward a week, and it’s now 109k – the sort of following us mere mortals can only dream about.

Calihan is shaping up to be a chip off the old block.

The Gees have grown their followers from zero in 2015 to 1.7 million across their six Instagram accounts.

They own the @thebucketlistfamily account, plus one for each family member, including their three young children.

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