When it comes to dreaming up new and delicious ideas to tempt us into their restaurants, McDonald’s really are on the ball.

They seem to know exactly what we’ll fancy at any time of the day.

But all these delicious new additions can make deciding what to have a bit more tricky – long gone are the days of just order a Big Mac and chips.

Now there’s the fancy Signature Collection, the tasty wraps and of course all the salad options.

Stick to the classics or try something new?

But one McDonald’s lover claims the chain has come up with the answer with a new snack box which combines two favourites.

Jordan Coombe posted the photo on Twitter earlier this month, and other McDonald’s lovers are getting extremely excited.

But Jordan has kept people guessing and has been very vague about the meal.

It’s unclear where in the world he bought the incredible looking snack, but a McDonald’s spokesman said the boxes don’t exist in the UK.

However a similar product was sold in Cyprus but that was last year, months before Jordan shared the new image.

How strange. But we do hope McDonald’s make this a thing in the UK soon…

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