Supermarket giant Morrisons has apologised after a customer found MAGGOTS crawling around their packet of microwave rice .

Charlie Peach took to the supermarket’s Facebook page after opening a packet of own-brand rice and discovering the disgusting contents.

The grandad is clearly shocked as he can be heard asking “What the hell is that?” while getting out his camera and zooming in on the open packet.

A stomach-churning video shows the 67p basmati rice had turned to mush inside the packet, which was bought from the Walderslade store in Chatham, Kent.

The supermarket says it is launching an immediate investigation after the footage was shared on Facebook.

Charlie Peach found the maggots inside his microwave basmati rice from Morrisons

He filmed his discovery before angrily posting the video on the supermarket’s Facebook page

In the clip the packet of Morrisons Basmati Micro Rice can be seen sitting on a countertop.

But as the camera gets closer, the creepy crawlies are filmed wriggling around at the top of the packet.

Clearly the food has gone rotten and it is hard to differentiate between the pale coloured maggots and the white rice.

In the background a woman can be heard saying: “I think I can smell it now, open the packet.”

However, someone else in the background refuses as Mr Peach moves the camera closer to the infested rice.

Mr Peach can be heard saying “What the hell is that?”, to which the woman replies “It’s maggots!”

Customer Charlie Peach posted the sickening video with the caption: “This is what we were confronted with when we opened a packet of Morrisons home brand rice….. MAGGOTS.

The stomach-churning video shows the food had clearly gone rotten

Mr Peach had bought the product from the Walderslade store in Chatham, North Kent

“We have returned the rice complete with maggots to your Walderslade branch and were offered a paltry £30 ‘gesture of goodwill’.

“This is an absolute insult considering the time taken to return the item and deep clean our cupboards of stray maggots, then purchase a takeaway on the evening we found them, ruining our evening meal.

“This coupled with the fact we were charged £12 while kept on hold when contacting Morrisons’ head office after several attempts to resolve this issue in branch failed dismally.

“Morrisons detail to customer service is absolutely disgusting and shameful, the retail market is a very competitive one, clearly we need to reconsider where to do our weekly shop.”

A Morrisons spokeswoman said: “We have apologised to Mr Peach and are investigating the issue.

“We have offered him replacement products, loyalty card points and £30 as a gesture of goodwill.”

In December last year Morrisons apologised for a bungled Christmas order – with a box of maggot-filled chocolates.

Gabriella, Ortutai-Hughes, from North Kensington, London, received the chocolates after the Camden store didn’t have the right meat for her Christmas order when she went to collect it.

However, when the mum-of-three got the chocolates home, and after her family had all tucked in – they spotted a maggot trying to wriggle it’s way out of a “Fudge Duet”.

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