Most of us love a cheap and cheerful trip to Wetherspoons every now and again.

A curry and a pint for less than a tenner – what’s not to love?

But for those people who REALLY enjoy visiting Wetherspoons, we have some exciting news.

You can actually have a Spoons wedding.

Yes, really.

Wetherspoons offer a lot of essentials in their all-inclusive package

And having your special day at Wetherspoons will only cost you a fraction of what it costs to get married elsewhere.

For just £3,000 you can get an all-inclusive package including food, booze, decorations and of course the venue itself, reports Wales Online .

Fancy gettting married here?

The price includes:

• exclusive use of the venue – Sat until 1am; Sun until midnight.

• three-course sit-down meal or buffet for 100 people.

• sparkling wine for the toast (up to 100 guests).

• wine on the table – Coldwater Creek wine to accompany the meal.

• table decorations.

• post-meal capacity for 300 people.

• live DJ (or you can arrange your own or a live band, at your cost).

• a wedding host.

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Unfortunately there is only one Wetherspoons in the country with a wedding licence at the moment – the Knights Templar in London.

The Knights Templar in London

But fingers crossed the company might decide to expand the scheme soon.

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