Jemma Lucy is a celebrity who’s not afraid to hit the headlines for her behaviour and the reality star raised eyebrows once again yesterday when she offered to sell her eggs on Twitter.

The former Ex on the Beach star wrote to her 97,000 followers: “Yo I’m gona sell my eggs anyone want any.”

The tweet was liked by 62 fans and was met with a wave of offers. One fan wrote: “Sure I’ll grab a few from ya if there going!”

Another joked: “Depends are they free range.” One fan even asked: “Cream eggs?”

Jemma quickly responded, clarifying that she meant “fertility eggs”.

One fan asked: “We are having trouble with getting pregnant, how much are you selling them for anyway?”

Jemma replied: “I’m swapping them for things. What u got that I might want.”

The Celebrity Big Brother star didn’t make it clear to her fans why she was so desperate to sell her eggs.

But it’s not the first time she’s raised eyebrows with her tweets.

In October, she lashed out at TOWIE star Megan McKenna over her split with Pete Wicks.

Pete was seen getting emotional as he revealed Megan had been meeting up with her ex, Harry Eden, before James Locke accused Megan of cheating on Pete with Harry.

In the aftermath, Jemma, 29, took to Twitter to have a go at her fellow reality star.

She said: ” Megan McKenna ‘s true colours coming out coulda said this from day 1 #hoe # towie”

Jemma’s fans jumped on board, having a go at Megan themselves.

And the reality babe re-tweeted one who said: “Finally everyone sees her for what she is, a nasty, using little b***h! Can stop getting angry watching # Towie now.”

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Kat Romero

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