There was a shock in tonight’s Hollyoaks as Darren Osborne and Mandy Cunningham kissed – despite the fact he’s married to Nancy Osborne and she’s meant to be marrying Luke in a few days.

It came as Darren offered Mandy support as she was devastated when she discovered Luke had ruined her wedding dress.

Luke came up with another excuse of having a stomach bug to give him more time to come up with a plan to delay their big day whilst Mandy and Darren prepared to put in an offer at Nightingale’s.

As Mandy left, Luke ruined her wedding dress with chocolate sauce.

Elsewhere, Marnie Nightingale told Mandy and Darren they have to come up with £20,000 before tomorrow if they want to buy the restaurant.

Mandy arrived home to tell Luke the bad news that her wedding dress had been tampered with, but she put two and two together when she saw chocolate sauce on Luke’s hand.

Mandy was devastated and assumed Luke was getting cold feet.

Meanwhile, Darren was disgusted with Nancy for lying that Oscar was in hospital as a way to get back at him.

Tom interrupted them both to ask about Nightingales..

Darcy suggested that Tom lend them the £20,000 which Nancy and Darren accepted but they were unaware of Darcy’s plan.

Later, Darren went to tell Mandy the good news but instead found her crying over her wedding being called off.

He comforted an upset Mandy and revealed they got the money from Tom to pay for the deposit.

An ecstatic Mandy was thrilled as she could now tell social services she is a proud business owner so will hopefully be able to get to see her daughter again.

However, in all the excitement Mandy kissed Darren…twice!

*Hollyoaks is on E4 weekdays at 7pm

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