Today’s Loose Women format baffled viewers as a second panel of men appeared on the show today.

Initially, the usual panelists appeared with Andrea McLean at the helm and spoke about the “bullying” claims on I’m A Celebrity.

But later a second male panel, comprised of Martin Kemp, Robbie Savage, Jordan Banjo and Harry Judd, appeared to discuss male issues.

This majorly confused viewers who had just switched over.

One tweeted: “Why are there a panel of men on #Loosewomen ???”

Men appeared on a separate panel on Loose Women today

While another commented: “What is the point of this, listening 2 men talking bout having the snip with a bunch of women laughing in the background #LooseWomen.”

A third remarked: “#loosewomen Those four guys sitting there look like the co-accused in a fraud case.”

But some loved the introduction of men.

One tweeted: “Cor, some good looking men on #LooseWomen today. And Robbie Savage…”

Another commented: “I might be in the minority here but I am actually feel very proud of 4 men trying to openly discuss issues important to them.. instead of criticising we should be encouraging.. well done to them all #LooseWomen.”

During the show, Martin Kemp hit out at what he branded “bullying” on I’m A Celebrity.

He also admitted that he found Ant and Dec ‘s jokes about Dennis Wise’s size uncomfortable.

Over the last few weeks, a number of male campmates have been accused of “bullying” radio host Iain Lee .

Today the panel discussed whether people could be too quick to brand someone a bully.

But Martin, who was taking part in a special today which featured a panel of men, said: “To get away with bullying we use this word ‘banter’ – when they all grouped up against him and that is bullying.”

Martin Kemp hit out at the ‘bullying’ on I’m A Celebrity

He also brought up Ant and Dec’s jokes about Dennis’ height.

Martin said: “You know, we were joking about what Dec was saying about Dennis about being a very small man. You know, when that translates into school playgrounds, some kids are gonna suffer and I didn’t quite enjoy that, I have to say.

Martin said he didn’t like Ant and Dec’s jokes about Dennis’ height

This came after Rylan spoke out about Iain amid the “bullying” storm surrounding him and is glad the public are backing him.

Speaking on This Morning earlier today, they brought up the odds of each of the campmates winning the ITV show.

Revealing that Made in Chelsea’s Toff was the standout favourite, she was followed by Iain.

“She does deserve it, she’s been great,” Rylan said about Toff, before adding: “And Iain, I’ve worked with Iain for two years on Big Brother , one of the nicest guys I’ve ever worked with, really lovely guy.

Rylan Clark said that Iain was one of the nicest people he’s worked with

Iain Lee has been having a tough time on I’m A Celeb

“I’m so glad the public are seeing Iain for Iain because he does get a bit of a bad rap before.”

Ruth remarked: “He came in looking like he wanted to shake things up a bit.”

But Rylan insisted: “I think that was nerves with Iain, knowing him it was nerves, I really really do.”

Speaking about Toff, he went on to gush: “I’ve heard really lovely things about Toff from the production side of it as well and that’s when you tell what someone’s really like – what the crew say about people.”

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