It’s not become the mainstream sanitary product many hoped it would, so you’d be forgiven for not being able to recognise a menstrual cup at a glance.

Re-usable? Yes. Washable? Yes. Easily confused with kitchen utensils? Apparently so.

At least one hapless husband recently thought so as he prepared himself some dinner .

Mum Cindy Hobbs knew her toddler had been messing around with her menstrual cup and taken it to the kitchen where it was left, Scary Mommy reports.

But she couldn’t figure out why it had somehow wound up in a bag of rice – so she text her husband.

Who’d used it to measure out three cups of rice.

Not only this, but, when confronted about it, he had trouble understanding what she meant by “menstrual.”

Just when you think the text exchange can’t get any better, the poor man asks if she means “minestrone soup.”

“Menstalony soup?” he writes.

“It’s ministrone soup you wanker. Google menstrual! [sic]”

“Oh f***!”

Actually, we think this was the toddler’s fault

A picture of the hilarious conversation was later shared on

As easy as it is to laugh at Cindy’s husband error, there are some important things to consider.

Firstly, he actually measures his rice out, rather than dumping a load in the pan.

And – why had Cindy’s toddler got hold of it in the first place?

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Zahra Mulroy

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