This is the moment a prankster pretended to steal a huge sofa from a furniture store by lifting it above his head and running off with it.

The man’s friend filmed the stunt in a warehouse store in the city of Vladikavkaz, Russia .

Footage, which was later posted on social media, shows the man grabbing the scatter cushions arranged on the show settee and then tossing them aside.

The joker then lifted the large piece of furniture above his head and attempted to make his getaway.

Shocked shoppers looked on as he struggled to run off with the sofa.

The joker picked the sofa up and threw it over his head

Unable to see where he was going, he swerved around the shop as he made his way to the exit,.

The prankster did not get far before a shop assistant noticed what he was doing and came to put a stop to the joke.

The worker ran after the man and grabbed hold of one of the settee legs to slow him down.

Once apprehended the ‘would-be thief’ gently lowered the sofa to the ground.

Store bosses reportedly failed find the joke amusing and called the cops.

He was stopped as he tried to make his getaway

But the man was let off with a warning as the furniture was not damaged.

The video was later shared on social media where viewers had differing views on whether the joke was funny or not.

One viewer said: “I am on the floor. This is hilarious.”

But another added: “Why are stupid jokes trending these days?! I don’t get it. I think this is very stupid.”

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