Amir Khan was forced to hand over his £100,000 Cartier watch to security officials, not realising he was not allowed to take it into the jungle.

The boxer, 30, seen in the opening episode admitting he had not watched the show, now has bosses looking after the diamond-encrusted piece.

A source said: “He was a bit bemused but campmates aren’t allowed to know the time so there was no chance he could keep it and he had to hand it over.

“He seemed a bit anxious as it was dripping in diamonds – but it will be there for him when he gets back.”

A few nights ago Khan was seen heading into the I’m A Celebrity jungle, declaring he’d never watched the show before.

The boxer told Ant and Dec: “I am excited, to be honest I’ve never watched the show”.

And Declan Donnelly playfully said: “Well to be honest, I’ve never seen you box.”

They all laughed, and Amir seemed happy to be there.

However, he’s previously claimed he’d never go on the show – and blasted anyone who does.

In a tweet from February 2012, Amir is asked whether he’d ever go on I’m A Celebrity by a fan.

He bluntly replies: “No it’s for has beens.”


Amir was paired with Vanessa White from the Saturdays – and the pair had to walk a plank 334 feet up on the roof of a Gold Coast building.

“Here’s what you need to do, each pair must make it along the plank to the end. Once you’re both in the yellow zone at the end, the red light at the end will turn green and you must hit the button on the top of the light but you can’t hang around because the light will only stay green for 1 second. If you hit it whilst it’s red, if you go early or if you go late you’ll both fail” informed Dec.

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I’m A Celebrity 2017

Amir and Vanessa were the final celebrities to walk the plank.

“I think it’s worse that we’ve gone last” said Vanessa to Amir.

They both started to walk the plank and encouraged each other along the way, Amir struggled with the wobble board.

Toff turned to Jack and said “I should have waited for you, it’s so cute they’re walking together.”

Amir and Vanessa continued to try and walk to the end of the plank and both managed to do it and press the green light. When Amir tried to turn around to walk back his plank started to wobble and Vanessa struggled to turn around. “Amir, help me please, please” pleaded Vanessa as she froze. Amir tried to offer Vanessa words of encouragement to help her move.

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I’m A Celebrity 2017 contestants

They both managed to make it back and gave each other a big hug and Ant and Dec then revealed they won another meal ticket for camp.

“That’s worse than going into a fight” said Amir.

“That was the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my life, I didn’t think I’d make it back” said Vanessa.

Vanessa and Amir both hit their lights – but Vanessa hit it first, meaning she had a quicker reaction time to a boxer!

*I’m A Celebrity continues on ITV1 tomorrow at 9pm

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